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Hair / Makeup

Should we hire a professional hair/make-up artist?

Simply put, yes! I think you should have someone else on the team to make sure you look absolutely flawless on your BIG day! Even if everyone in the wedding party does not have the team do their hair/make-up. It's a MUST for the bride on your wedding day!

Makeup by Roxy

Roxy and her team has not only glammed KDP brides up for many years, they are also the ones I go to when I personally have a night out and need to look my best, my family uses her too!! I do not wear makeup on a regular basis, and I can always trust that I will look like myself after they are done. The brides/bride squads that I have worked with that have also entrusted Roxy and her team, have had amazingly flawless photos and have remained looking fresh throughout the day! Roxy and her team always look professional and put together, ready to be photographed during all the prep photos in the morning and beauty shots of my brides and girls getting ready for the big day!


Couples: "Should we hire a videographer?"

KDP: "The short answer, yes. We believe in it when we see the ability the video has to capture the audio along with the moving picture of your favorite moments of the day. This brings the whole story, full circle to give you a way to dig deep and remember your day as if it was today all over again for years to come."

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Roslyn Films

The story of my connection with Ryan - owner of Roslyn Films, goes all the way back to artsy kids playing in the marching band in high school, "this one day at band camp"! I have had the pleasure to watch his passion grow over the years for imagery and video. I am so excited to have him along for the ride as one of my favorite videographers to work with! We will be collaborating soon on some fun film ideas. I know he will be excited to hear from you as well. Head over to his website and share your story that you are looking for him to capture, ultimately one of the most important days of your life for years to come! Meet Ryan

Cinescope Films

Colin and Zach are easy going and creative. They are a great compliment to the values we have at KDP and work tirelessly to create amazing video that not only enhances our clients experience on their special days, it helps to inspire our team and our vision of the day over all. We have always said that your vendors, especially photo and video, even when two different companies are assumed by guests to be the same company. We jive well with this crew and hope to work together on many more events in the future! We hope you will consider them for your day! Meet the team here.

James Bobourka Cinematography

James is a dad to 3 lovely girls who he often references thinking of as he is filming a clients wedding thinking about what it will be like to be the father of the bride when they get married. He's creative, thoughtful and calm presence in a day that can be rather chaotic for even the best planned bride! He is a licensed drone pilot as well for any aerial you have been dreaming of having added to your special wedding day film! Meet James


Couples: "Have you photographed at our venue?"

KDP: "We would love to say we have worked at every venue. Here's a list of some of our favorite places to work, even if we have only worked there once and hope to again in the future! They have left a lasting impression on us. If you would like to know more, send us an email or contact them directly!"

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Vault 634 - Allentown, PA

This team of professionals are experienced and knowledgable about everything a gorgeous event should be! The space, from its balconies, to vaults, to speak easy in the basement is flowing with design and color to inspire your vision of a downtown event. We were honored to be hired to photograph the first wedding ever at this timeless location!! We have booked other events in this space and look forward to working with the team here again. They have shared with us that we were able to capture images within their space and for their couples that they have yet to see duplicated!

Featured events Kate Duffy Photography has done for Vault 634:

Camelot Gala for Children - 2019


1st Wedding held @ Vault 634 after Grand Opening!

Cescaphe Event Group - Philadelphia, PA

Cescaphe has captured the hearts of so many people in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas!! When we hear Cescaphe, our team thinks of style, class, and events that are truly memorable. We have had the pleasure to photograph in all of their venues to date, and look forward continuing our partnership with them into the future seasons for all of our Cescaphe couples!!


Clients: "Are flowers and decor really that important?"

KDP: "Yes, they are the first impression your guests will have upon entering your event space. They are one more way that you can weave your style, personality, and love story into your unique day!"

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Pondelek's Florist - Hellertown, PA 

Jackie and I have known each other since I was a child. I began working in her shop and greenhouses at a very young age, and we both love to tell the story about how I started working for $2.00/hr picking black walnuts out of her backyard in 4th-5th grade. This turned into running the greenhouses and cash registers in the summers during high school and college. This connection has grown lovingly into over 25 years of friendship and family, as I know she has already described me to many as the daughter she always wanted! She takes pride in her wedding work and knows the elements that go into the floral design of a wedding day. She will take care of you just as if it was her own families wedding!!

Mosaic and Co. - Allentown, PA

I can't say enough about what it was like to work with Joe for a new year's eve wedding I photographed recently. His event design along with his trusted team of decor professionals had everything from the candles going up the aisle to the magnetic pinspot lights to illuminate the decor the couple had hand selected for their event. Joe worked diligently to make sure that even the color temperature I needed those pinspots to be looked accurate in my photos. He knows his stuff. If you have the idea, he can make it a reality!

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