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Dollars and Sense

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Love. It is everything.

I LOVE what I do. I always want that to show first and foremost. I want my clients to love working with me. Many people have said, love what you will do and you will never work a day in your life, I believe that whole heartedly.

The people I choose to work with as trusted partners also model these beliefs (e.g., other vendors, venues, companies, and clients).

I do feel that you are an important part of your shoot and I take pride in the time I invest in our planning to hear the specific attention to the details you have made an important part of your day or shoot. 


"In a world where you can be anything, be nice." - I've understood on a deeper level, since entering grad school for special education in 2016 at Lehigh University and working for Centennial School of Lehigh University as a teacher associate while working towards my masters degree, that it costs so very little to be nice.

So many people struggle to slow down, take a deep breath and remember to smell the flowers during moments of high stress, that are also times of great Joy such as a wedding, a family gathering, or the first few sleepless weeks as a parent.

As a photographer and professional who is truly honored with the responsibility of capturing your memories, holding your precious newborn, or capturing the look on your fiance's face or the tears of joy shed when your family sees you for the first time on your wedding day, it is my responsibility and promise to you to do that with dignity, kindness and the utmost respect.

#nicematters also means helping you wade through the emotional peaks and valleys of our time together.

As a photographer I often have fleeting opportunities at first point of contact to make a first impression.

Once, we spend sometime together I often hear things from clients like:

"I can't believe how patient you are..."
"The way you create and capture JOY is just remarkable..."

"This day would not have been the same without you..."
"You have done this a few times before...giggles abound!"
"Thank you for being so great with the flowergirl and ringbearer...I don't know how you got them to stand still and smile"
"You were my time keeper, wedding coordinator, makeup touch-up/dress bustle/hair fixer"

Many of my clients have become dear friends, repeat bookings, and GREAT advertisement for me! I love that about what I do and the business I have created!!

I love to shop small businesses and tip generously when deserved.

I have been known to start a pay it forward movement at Starbucks and have even received a free drink on a different day.

I do believe that if you put good out you get good back.


I don't mind asking the difficult questions, and I love photographing children and our older generations in families knowing we are gifted a numbered amount of days on this earth and they seem to fly by the older we get. We recognize the passage of time by the number of wrinkles or gray hairs on our parents, or how quickly a newborn baby gains new skills.

My parents are divorced and although happily remarried, it still poses challenges when milestones happen within the family. Understanding this I can help you navigate these moments and aspects of your plans to include everyone in a way that makes them feel an important part as you are wanting.

I have had the honor to care for children with significant differences both physically and emotionally. I have working with couples who had challenges of their own that needed sensitivity and planning the day of a wedding. I have worked with families who spoke different languages than myself.

I have traveled halfway across the globe and back again. I have worked with and taught children in third world countries. I share all of this to let you know the level of interest I take in humanity, our own personal stories and growth from those challenges in life. 

I always want to operate from a place of grace and strong self-worth...this allows me to be culturally responsive and understanding that we are all different. That is definitely the best part!

Engagement Sessions

2 hours @ location of your choice. - $700
*Travel may apply*

Engagement Gallery

Planning to propose and want it documented?

Kate can help you orchestrate a proposal plan and document the "YES!" moment!

Please inquire for pricing/availability on proposal plans.

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8hr+ Weddings

Packages begin around $6K
*Travel may apply*

Planning an Elopement, Destination, Micro or Surprise Wedding...?

 Inquire for more details on customizing a package to fit your needs.

Wedding Gallery

Newborn Sessions

Typically 2-4 Hours in your home or location of choice. 

Newborn Gallery
Baby + Parents Gallery
Baby + Sibling Gallery

Want to refer someone?Clients who refer other newborn/family clients receive a $300 credit towards a future session after the new clients session.

Email Kate to schedule

Family Portraits

Family sessions are for individual families. These are typically 60 minutes at a location of the clients choosing.

Family Gallery

Generational Sessions

Please inquire for pricing/availability on larger gatherings

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