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You have booked a newborn session with Kate...now what?

What to know when expecting...your photo shoot!

When to schedule it:

Newborn sessions should take place within the first two weeks of baby coming home. This is when they are the sleepiest and most posable to get all those cute snuggled up photos!

Things to have on hand:

- Changing supplies

- Handmade items that you want to incorporate (blankets/quilts/hats)

- props for ideas you have seen on pinterest that personally speak to you (don't go crazy with this one...pinterest AKA Pandora's Box of endless options)

- solid color clothes - mom/dad/siblings

- Less is more on the planning part, you have enough to focus on these first few days, sleep when baby does, this way you are rested the day of the session! :-)

Make house warm for baby:

We will not only want to photograph in the brightest spot in your house, but baby will sleep the most when the house is warm. This is going to mean that you will want to bump that thermostat up/down to probably about 72-75 degrees. This should be done 1-2 hours before your session to allow the house to warm up properly. The warmer baby is the sleepier they are typically as well.

Feed baby:

About 30 min before the session please feed, baby will be happiest with a full belly and change (if needed).

Wrap baby in blanket:

Wrap the little one with a diaper on in a cozy blanket to keep them warm and snuggly, loose enough that Kate can unwrap and rewrap baby in the fabric she will bring with her. Avoid socks and anything constricting on baby that will leave marks on their skin.

Include the family:

Kate encourages this!! She will most likely ask you to assist either with posing and holding fabric during the session. However including you in the photos is just as important as photos with baby solo. This means if you are ready, it's great to have a plan to incorporate both parents and siblings into the sessions. Kate will help you plan for the best time to do this during the session depending on baby's mood. However this is typically during the middle or the end of the session. 

FYI - Kate is often asked: PETS?
There are times we have included pets but it's not the easiest or always the safest thing to do. The temperament of the animals will determine what is possible if at all to include the family furry friend.

What about little siblings:

Kate will walk you through different scenerios depending on the age of the older siblings during the session. Kate likes to make sure above anything that baby is safe as well as the children holding the baby. Once siblings are 4-5 years old they are often able to hold baby.  If they are younger than that, there are a variety of poses that work to keep everyone cozy and safe. You will remember the craziness trying to wrangle everyone however Kate will always focus on creating the images that will ultimately get you that "must have" of the the big siblings together with the new little one!! These should happen organically, and often no two are ever the same. 

Any other questions:

If there are any other questions you have please send Kate an email:

Click here to email Kate


Click here to go to her contact page

Also, day of feel free to call or text kate @ 610.462.1401

Kate will provide everything needed for posing, wrapping and little extras. Wait until you see what cute stuff arrives with her for your session.

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