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About Kate

A little about me

I've been photographing professionally for well over a decade! It all began with a deep connection with LOVE that started early in my childhood. I photograph weddings and generational family memories anywhere my camera and amazing clients take me!

I've worked for leading national companies in the industry and know the weddings and family photography inside and out. I believe strongly in the deep connection my clients have with each other and the bond we form when they trust me to capture their special moments.

When not taking photos, you can find me spending time with the love of my life, Marco and our 9lb pup (Charlie). We love living in Philly and planning the next fiesta with our friends and family. Marco is an amazing cook and I've been told I make great desserts.

I love traveling, cheering my friends and family on as they achieve their goals, and dreaming big for our future together with Marco.

My "Why"

I always want to elevate my clients experiences, during the time that we are working together for their wedding day, newborn session, or other family event. 

I have traveled and photographed around the world which has provided amazing opportunities to photograph various cultures, religions, and traditional practices within my travel as well as client bookings.

I am a creative &
innovative problem solver:

- Generating tools such as my bracelets to help buttons bridal gowns
- Sewing/pinning in bustles where there are none or the seamstresses work has fallen apart.
- Helping you polish your makeup or hair touchups after a wild portrait session in between the ceremony and reception.

I truly LOVE helping my clients capture their memories at the SPEED OF LIGHT!

Work with Me

Have an upcoming wedding, birth, or other photo need? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more.

Love Notes

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